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프로그램 안내

    프로그렘 안내


  • 하루 3번 식사와 간식 제공 (당뇨식, 건강식 등 개인 맞춤식 가능 )
  • 병원 예약 및 차량 서비스(10 마일 이내). 홈케어 의사. 간호사 서비스
  • 개인의 건강 상태에 따른 맞춤형 운동 및 산책 프로그램

Programs feature these services

  • Carefully prepared healthy and nutritious home meals with fresh fruits 
  • Daily housekeeping, refreshing linens and personal laundry services
  • Proper administering of medications
  • Transportation and escorts to medical appointments (within 10 miles)
  • Arranging professional services such as home visiting doctors,  dentists, podiatrists and other healthcare services
  • Singing, Dancing, Exercise etc. provided with silver academy.
  • Assisting activities of daily living including incontinence care
  • Exercise including daily walk, outing. 

Our services include :
      Everything State regulation requires plus, 

   * Loving care and close observation.
   * Monitoring and assessment of general health and
                             development of appropriate care
   * 24hour supervision in a secured home.  
   * Bible story class with the ministers, and many more...




20621 Seine Ave. Lakewood, California.90715    Tel: (562) 352-0557, (949) 910-4765    E-mail : koreanseniorcare@gmail.com